3 Self Defense Techniques for Young Women

Women’s safety is an important issue in today’s world. With the rise of domestic violence, sexual abuse and violence against women – it has become a mandatory requirement for the female counterpart to train themselves with various self-defense techniques and methods.

Women must ensure their own safety by being independent and defending themselves against intruders

There are streets and places where women feel completely unsafe. The queasy feeling and nervousness of being out alone at night is unbearable. With the right techniques to fight off intruders or fend off a person who has been harassing or stalking you, a level of confidence and strength will grow within you.

The 3 best self-defense techniques for young women.

Elbow kneading

This particular technique has been tried and tested. And the results have always been effective. If you feel that someone is following you or a person is trying to grab you from behind, without wasting a second, thrust your elbow backwards into the intruder’s stomach with full force. This will cause severe pain and give you enough time to take the next action.

Head butt

The human skull is quite solid and robust. You can use it as a weapon for self-defense. Remember the FIFA World Cup incident where the French soccer star – Zinedine Zidane – performed the infamous headbutt? Well, you can use the same technique for self-defense. Just press your head into the attacker’s face and watch him scream in pain.

Pelvic Kick

A pelvic kick is a super powerful technique that you can use to cause lifelong pain or even damage. If you find yourself in a fighting situation where the attacker is trying to force himself on you, gather all your energy, pull back and in one sweeping action, fold your leg and kick your knee directly into the attacker’s pelvic area.

Aside from these techniques, it’s also safe to have a few handy weapons and tools with you – from a pepper spray to a taser to a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight is typically used by law enforcement and in the military. It is designed not only to illuminate dark areas, but also to ward off intruders and trespassers.

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