5 Signs Your Furry Friend Is Unhappy and What to Do About It

Dogs don’t speak human language, and we’re not all lucky enough to be like Dr. Do Little, who understands animal language. But like humans, there are body languages that your dog uses to communicate with you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t pay enough attention to it. So if your furry friend suddenly becomes unruly or exhibits bad behavior, it may be a reaction to something you’ve done.

Although dogs also feel and express emotions, they don’t hold grudges. They simply live in the now. Therefore, there is no reason to add this to your list of fears. They simply respond to momentary stimuli. Once the thing or action that caused the bitterness is removed, they easily become the trusted loyal companion again. As a dog lover, you may already be curious about signs that your dog is upset with you. Here are the most common signs.

1. tucking tail and refusing your touch.

You’ve probably noticed that dogs are enthusiastic creatures. One way they show their affection is by wagging their tail. If your tail-wagging dog suddenly tucks his tail between his hind legs, it’s a sign that he’s in a bad mood. If you’ve just been scolding your dog, lowering your voice to a calm and soothing tone can help restore bonding and trust.

2. incessant yawning and licking of the lips

It’s easy to misinterpret yawning and licking of the lips as signs of hunger. But what if you have just fed your dog and there is no food around to trigger this feeling? It’s important to watch for stimuli he can’t handle and remove them. Professional dog trainers say that dogs tend to lick their chaps when children or strangers hug them. If you notice this, politely ask the person to let go of the dog. If you are the culprit in this case, do what is necessary.

3. hiding behind the sofa

When dogs hide behind the sofa, most people associate it with fear. This is not entirely wrong – but it could mean more. You may be surprised to learn that huddling is closely associated with high stress levels. You certainly don’t want your furry friend to go through all of this. You can help by removing your dog from the situation that is causing his stress level to rise. What are friends for?

4. growl at them

ign that everyone should easily understand. Your dog is baring his teeth and making a face that shows he doesn’t like what you are doing. Growling is an aggressive way of telling you to stop what you are doing. At such times, you should resist the urge to yell at your dog. This will rarely have a positive effect, but rather damage trust or exacerbate aggression.

5. whining or moaning

Dogs love attention and are always in need of affection. If your dog is feeling too lonely, whining or moaning are some of his ways of letting you know. In extreme cases, you may come home to find your pillow ripped open and the stuffing scattered all over the house. Before you point fingers, pause to think about how your behavior may have hurt your faithful dog. Maybe he’s bored, under-stimulated, or just misses you.

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