5 Ways to Enjoy the Snow with Your Dog

It’s that time of year again when some areas can get snow to play in! We personally don’t have any here, but I’m used to winters back east and can imagine what it must be like to play with your dog and kids in so much snow!

Chase the missing snowball

It’s simple. Just make a snowball and show your dog how you are ready to throw it. He will probably chase it and stick his nose in the hole where it lands. Unfortunately, the snowball will probably break apart on impact and he won’t be able to retrieve anything. At that point, make another snowball and continue the throw and retrieve cycle from the beginning.

I played this game with Titan. He had a strong prey drive and chasing the snowball was exciting for him, sticking his nose in every landing hole and trying to get faster and faster to catch the snowball before it landed; snapping his jaws as he lunged in the air. Most of the time he was too late and stuck his nose in the snow hole for the snowball he couldn’t find! He sniffed and sneezed to blow the snow off his nose, and got ready to do it all over again with a snuffy muzzle!

Have you done this with your dog? How did it work?\

Chasing the sled

If you have kids playing in the snow with their sled or toboggan, it’s so much fun to let the family dog chase them as they fly downhill! Just make sure the bottom of the hill is safely fenced for your kids and your dog. Every time the sled goes down, so will the dog – great exercise for both kids and dog.
When I was younger, we had a cocker spaniel that would chase us down the sled. It’s so much fun!

Snowy search and find
Do you have a dog with a high prey drive that likes to follow scents and tracks? This game is perfect and there are 2 ways to play it.

You can simply hide behind a mound of snow or dig into the snow without the dog noticing. Then see if the dog picks up your scent and looks for you. Or call your dog over to see if he can tell where you are hiding by sound and smell.

You can also build a maze in the snow, if you are creative, and stand at the end of the maze and call your dog to see if she can find her way through the maze to you. Will it make it on the first try? Or will it get stuck in a dead end?

These games are great for athletic, energetic dogs, as they stretch the brain as well as the body.

Snowman Destroying!

Build a snowman and let your dog tear it down! Digging in the snow is an exciting challenge because the texture is so different. Dogs will love taking down the snowman because they know it’s an owner-approved game.

Snow angle with tail

You can also just watch your dog roll around in the snow and form a dog angle while scratching his back!

Snow games for you and your dog

This article suggests 5 ways you can play with your dog in the snow. You can teach your dog to chase snowballs, you can take your dog sled racing, you can destroy snowmen (that you built – not the hard work of the church kids! Let me know which ones you have tried and which games work best for your type of dog! Does your dog like the snow?


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