The Best Dog Breed for a Family With Young Kids


There are numerous dog breeds on the market, which are suitable for families with small children. Such dogs tolerate the boorish behavior of children. For example, small children will pull the dog’s hair, lie on it, play with it, pull the rod of the Fido, and even step on it. So if your family has small children, it is advisable to find breeds that meet the demanding needs of the children. Below is a list of dogs that will endure the harsh and aggressive lifestyle of a family with young children.

Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are among the best breeds for a family with young children. The breed is popular because it is playful and active. Golden Retrievers are friendly to people, do not bark much, and are adaptable to different situations.

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Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retrievers are quick learners. The puppies are able to learn all rules and regulations at home in a very short time. Furthermore, they are playful and have fun at home. Therefore your children will love to play with them for hours. They also learn quickly in the laboratories and you will enjoy teaching them new skills.

Bassett dogs. If you are looking for a quiet and docile furry friend for your children, you should consider good breeds like basset dogs. This puppy breed is very gentle and will not cause much trouble at home. And although this breed loves to spend time with family members, it will not show affection like other dogs.


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