Different Ways Dogs Communicate With Humans

Different Ways Dogs Communicate With Humans

The communication between your dog and yourself does not take place via an actual language. After all, your dog cannot put what he thinks into words. However, there are several means by which he can indicate what he is thinking. These include body language.

One way your angry friend uses body language to communicate with you is by using his tail. The position of the tail and its movement can indicate a number of things. The position of the tail and its movement can indicate submissiveness, the expectation of being greeted by you or another human friend. The position of your tail and its movement may even indicate potential aggression.


Indication of submissiveness

A dog is usually a very submissive creature. It seeks attention and indicates this by the position and movement of its tail. To take the tail between the legs is such a position. This could be a sign of fear. However, if the tail is held low, this could also be a sign of submissiveness and they seek attention. This attention could include caressing or cuddling.

Different Ways Dogs Communicate With Humans

The expectation to be greeted by you

A simple wagging of your dog’s tail from side to side might indicate the expectation of being greeted by you or a close friend. The faster they wag their tail, the more excited they are to see you. They might also bark at you to get your attention. They might think that they will not approach them and show the affection they desire.


Possible aggression

Tail wagging in a certain position could also indicate potential aggression. This aggression could be the result of fear or the need to protect you from potential danger. If the tail is held high and moves very quickly in a vibrating movement, this could mean that your dog is preparing for the fight. This could be caused by another dog nearby. This type of movement indicates an active treatment.


Your dog is an intelligent creature and you can learn to communicate with him by learning what he is trying to say with his body language. This requires some patience and also requires some research. There are many excellent resources on the Internet that will give you the insight you need to understand the communication methods of your angry friends. Of course, each dog has its own personality and will define how it will try to communicate with you.

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