15 Forbidden Food You Should Never Feed To Your Dog

There are some foods known to be harmful to pets. Maybe your dog has eaten a grape or raisin before without incident, but you never know which grape will be the tipping point. The liver stores a variety of vitamin and minerals, and we still don’t know how much it stores of some chemicals in foods that are dangerous to dogs. With so many different foods free of the controversy that your dog is sure to enjoy, don’t put your pet at risk with these foods.


The flesh of both grapes and raisins contain an unknown toxin that can damage the kidneys and cause kidney failure. As little as 3 or 4 grapes could cause problems for a 50-pound dog. There have been no problems associated with grape seed extract, which is often given as an antioxidant supplement because the offending toxin is water soluble and not found in the seeds.


Whether it is fresh, dried, or powdered, the thiosulphate in onions can damage red blood cells and cause Heinz body anemia. If it has onions in it, it doesn’t go in your dog; this includes most store-bought broths and a large portion of prepared foods. If your dog has eaten food with onions and begins to show unusual symptoms (vomiting, blood in urine or stool, diarrhea, weakness), contact your veterinarian for a blood test. On the positive side, cooking for your dog is tear free.


When you come back from Hawaii, put these tasty treats up high. Macadamia nuts contain a toxin that may affect the digestive and nervous systems and may cause vomiting, muscle tremors, or elevated heart rate. Contact your veterinarian if your dog should get into these nuts.

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