Helping Your Animals Through Challenging Times

When you feel stressed, your animals feel stressed.


And even if you are completely calm and not afraid or afraid of the rapidly changing world we live in, your pets will feel the general stress of the people around them, both inside and outside your home.

How do I know that this is likely to be the case?

For one thing, my own animals are more stressed these days, and my home is a quiet place because of the way I have furnished it. Also, we all meditate together every day, which greatly reduces stress.

On the other hand, in the last two weeks, I have had quite a few calls from customers with aggression problems with their animals. In some cases, slight aggressions have worsened. In other cases, aggressions in animals that previously got along very well have shown unexpectedly.

What can you do to help yourself and your pets?

Flower Essences can be used to shift your own energy, to shift the energy of your home, and to shift the energy of your pets from tension, stress, fear, and worry to CALM, RELAXED and PEACEFUL.

The most famous flower essence formula is RESCUE REMEDY, and it is perfectly suited to these stressful times.

Rescue Remedy is a trademark of Bach Flower Essences, but the same formula is also available as a 5-flower formula from Flower Essences Services (FES).

If you can’t easily find both where you live, or if you can’t wait for shipping time when buying online, or if the extra cost seems too high for you at the moment, there is another way.

You can actually make a formula out of words on a piece of paper with a glass of water on top. See the PDF file below for complete instructions on how to make this formula.


You can change the overall energy of your home by fogging each room – about 1 spray towards each wall or corner.

I do this once or twice a day, whenever the energy of my house feels too intense.

Even if you do not notice the difference, your animals will feel it immediately.


Take 4 drops under the tongue as often as necessary. Do not touch the drops with your lips or mouth.


For rabbits, gerbils, cats, dogs, and other small animals, you can add 4 drops to your pet’s food and water twice a day for even more relaxation.

You can also put the drops on your fingers and wipe them on the ear pads, over lips and nose and on the balls of your feet.

If an animal does not like any of these points, you can put the drops in the palm of one hand, rub them on the palm of the other hand and stroke the animal as you stroke it.

In a stable, you can shoe your horse’s stable, his grain, and even his hay. You can spray some of it on your palm and wipe it on the horse’s snout. Spraying it on their feed would also work on llamas and alpacas.

For birds, you can put some of it in their drinking water. If the remedy contains alcohol, leave the water in the fresh air for about 10 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate. You can also put a few drops on the skin of a bird just above its beak.

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