How to Choose The Right German Shepherd Puppy? 11 things to know

Once you have found a German Shepherd breeder or owner that is reputable and you are comfortable, you now have to make one of the hardest choices. This is the decision of which puppy from the litter is right for you. The first major consideration is if you should choose a  male or female German Shepherd puppy. Both genders have advantages and disadvantages and there are general differences between male and females. Overall, males will be slightly more aggressive and rambunctious and may have a tendency to try to be dominant, both with other pets and even family members.

They may be more challenging to train overall and are more likely to have difficulties with house training or marking, especially if there are female dogs in the house or area. Females may be more passive and easier to work with overall; however,  they will need to be carefully monitored as to when they become sexually mature. When females are ready to mate the first time they will need to be spayed or isolated from other dogs to prevent unplanned for breeding which can be very harmful to the female, especially if she is young. Regardless of the gender you choose, it is a good idea to consider spaying or neutering your German Shepherd puppy when they reach the correct age, unless you are planning on showing and breeding.

In considering a German Shepherd puppy, it is important to get to know the parents. German Shepherd puppies will generally have a temperament similar to their parents, provided they are raised in a positive and loving environment and properly cared for and treated. Be sure to spend some time observing both the male and female German Shepherd, if at all possible. Ask the breeder about the parents’ behavior. Pet and interact with the parents to get a feel for their temperament and their level of friendliness or aggression.

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