How To Cultivate A Better Relationship With Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend. But we can’t be around her all the time. We have obligations like a job. This can mean leaving your dog alone in your apartment or house. Your dog will have to cope with this, but he or she will not like it. He or she will find other ways to deal with this lack of attention.


Let’s be honest: your dog will miss you. He actually loves you more than you can understand. You will have to deal with separation anxiety. Because of this separation anxiety, you may destroy things or cry when you are away. But this kind of behavior is not acceptable. As a more intelligent creature, you will have to train your best friend to deal with your separation. This will require some research and patience.


First, it is important to understand what causes separation anxiety. They just want you to come home. Being left alone for the first time can be very stressful for them if they are used to human contact every minute of the day. This is especially evident if your angry friend comes from a kennel or shelter. Being locked up is very stressful for any animal. When a dog is released from such a terrible environment, it will feel freedom never experienced before. He will see you as the reason for his freedom. This creates an immediate bond with you, and when he loses contact with you, he will feel fear.

Dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety could consist of doing some simple things. Consider leaving some of your older clothes in an area where he or she can get to. Dogs have a good sense of smell, and this could help them think of you and reduce their separation anxiety.


If you’re planning a holiday where you can’t take your dog with you, you should ask a friend to look after your angry friend. This friend must know your dog and be willing to take appropriate care of him. This will help your dog deal with the problem of being separated from you. If your dog is already comfortable with this person, the transition period without you will be less problematic.


Remember that punishment will not help your dog to overcome the fear of separation. This can make the situation worse. You must let your dog know that you will be back. Leave your dog in a situation where he feels comfortable.


Remember that your dog is much smarter than you think. He needs attention because he is your best friend.


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